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Royale Kidz International Preschool emphasizes on play-based approach to learning which is influenced by Dr. Maria Montessori’s education methodology. We have adopted a top-quality approach to early childhood care and education that have been researched and developed by practice over 2 decades.

At Royale Kidz International Preschool, which is a part of Royal Concorde International Schools, we believe in self constructive learning in early childhood with energy involved in working with Montessori materials. This is the reason why we stress on hands-on activities which encourages children to ask questions, plan investigations, explore various outcomes, and reach credible and logical conclusions, with teachers as facilitators.

Royale Kidz International has one of the best Preschool Curriculum which is organized into various areas described below.


Royale Kidz International preschool in Bangalore concentrates on EPL activities to help a child develop concentration and become more independent. This subsequently results in higher self-confidence. EPL activities also play a critical role in the development of self-esteem and self-worth in a child. As the child develops basic abilities and a greater sense of imagination, with the exercises of practical life presentations, he/ she becomes more open to trying out new things and taking up new challenges.

Another focus area of EPL activities is the development of bodily functions and motor skills. With the practice of EPL activities, a child's fine and gross motor skills get sharpened which leads to better hand-eye coordination. We help the children build a strong foundation through practical tasks.


At Royale Kidz International one of the best playschools in Bangalore, we help children develop crucial knowledge, skills, and understanding to make sense of the world around them, and learn from life itself.

We follow a predefined preschool sensory table with sensorial activities which involve the senses of Sight (Visual), Smell (Olfactory), Touch (Tactile), Taste (Gustatory), Hear (Auditory), Weigh (Baric), Hotness (Thermic) and perceive without seeing (Stereo gnostic).

These activities also help children understand how mathematics concepts (such as algebra, geometry, arithmetic) can be applied in real life during their preschool education. Many of the sensorial activities also incorporate the age-appropriate exercise of muscle that leads to physical development.


As soon as your child joins Royale Kidz International, one of the best international preschools in Bangalore, he/she will be engrossed in a language-rich environment. As the language development in pre-schoolers’ is very important, our education concentrates on the basics of oral communication, speaking, listening, reading, comprehending simple texts, and encouraging writing skills. This helps children stay ahead of the curve by giving them the motivation to start writing and learning with enthusiasm. Sounds (Phonics) are introduced first, followed by combining and splitting of sounds for the formation of words. This results in learning of words/spellings, which aides in independent reading. By starting with the physical preparation of the hand muscles, writing is introduced consequently, the mixed-age-group-environment, a unique characteristic of Montessori pedagogy helps in better adjusting and expressing oneself in a social setup. This also leads to a higher confidence level and better teamwork.


At Royale Kidz International, we introduce Cognitive math activities for pre-schoolers in concrete (as against abstract) manner. This leads to a more intuitive understanding of numbers and math operations. At Royale Kidz, we help children develop their skills in logical operations- like counting, classifying, pairing, creating patterns, problem-solving, and working with shapes and measures.

In our Preschool math curriculum, activities begin with quantities to relative sizes. Numerals are introduced later as symbols that represent quantities. Manipulation of numbers such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication are used thereafter.

Geometrical shapes introduced as part of EPL activities prepare the child for an intuitive understanding of geometry. These preliminary concepts are a combination with the mathematical concepts acts as a foundation of later study. We also help children understand how numeracy can be applied in real life during their preschool education.

We help them build a strong intuitive foundation through carefully planned activities, practical tasks, stories, songs, games, and imaginative plays to develop the children’s communication skills.


Besides being a fun activity, we concentrate on the basics of oral communication, speaking, listening, and comprehending simple texts. These classes help children stay ahead of the curve by giving them the motivation to develop strong communication skills making us top the list of Montessori schools in Bangalore.


Exposure to the arts helps children experience a unique integration of the body and mind. We, therefore, encourage children to indulge in and appreciate different forms of creative expressions like art, music, dance, nurturing the child’s creative development making Royale Kidz International is one among the best Montessori houses in Bangalore.


Our preschool program focuses on motor development (fine and gross) of a child. Our large the playground provides opportunities for children to be active, and to develop their coordination, control and movement.


We incorporate special music and visual arts program, in which elements of music such as beat, rhythm, pitch, and tempo are introduced. Around the World A segment where children will be introduced and made to understand the knowledge of the world around them through specially prepared objects, artifacts, and activities.


Children go on field excursions and work on related projects upon return. Children have opportunities to converse, deliberate, work in groups, and learn to plan their activities!

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